Outsource your wedding photography editing

As a photographer I know how much hard work is involved in running a successful wedding photography business. Our role as a photographer covers so much more than just taking beautiful images.

Image editing can be one of the most time consuming parts of our business & if you don’t love this time spent at your computer or struggle to get a consistent look to your images, I can help you.

My bespoke photo editing service is tailored to your photography business - I will work closely with you to get the look you desire in your images, whilst taking some strain off your workload & giving you back some free time for the things you enjoy in life.

You put so much time & energy into providing a luxury service for your clients on the wedding day, & I know how important the final gallery of images is to complete the experience.

Let me help take some pressure off & give you some time away from your computer, to spend with your family or to work on your brand.

I will lovingly edit your client galleries as if they were my own, with a 1:1 bespoke approach to ensure your images are edited consistently in your own style.




For each new client I will spend the time to get to know their editing style and help to refine it. I use reference images for each setup within a gallery that are edited by you to maintain your signature style. 

I use Lightroom to edit your images. I will give you a step by step
process of how to use Lightroom Catalogues and Dropbox or WeTransfer to create a shared workflow between us.  

As a fine art photographer I know how much of a huge role film
photography can play in our industry. If you are a hybrid shooter I am more than happy to match your digital images to your film scans. 

If you are very new to photography & haven’t developed your signature editing style yet, I’d be happy to edit the images in a way that I think makes them look their most beautiful. 

My style is for the romantics, the ELEGANT & the lovers of the beauty of timeless simplicity

WHY we're the perfect match

Hi! I’m Emma.

Most days I have a camera in my hand, creating fashion editorials for magazines, or capturing the beautiful moments of a wedding day.

Home is near Manchester, UK - where I currently live & work as a fine art photographer.

With a background in fashion photography & fine art, I have developed a very personal wedding style. I love natural light, simplicity & ethereal locations.

My work has been published in magazines including Elle, Tatler, Wedding Sparrow, Magnolia Rouge & Martha Stewart Weddings.

With over 12 years experience working as a photographer I have developed a signature fine art photography editing style. As my business progressed I
decided to create a series of online course & mentoring services for fine art
photographers, including my bespoke fine art editing services.

I have such a passion for producing beautiful light & airy images, & I want to
offer other fine art photographers a consistent editing process for their work,
with a bespoke editing service tailored individually to each business.

I’m excited to get to know you!
Emma x 


If you’re ready to start getting time back in your business & outsource
your editing, get in touch!